• How far ahead do I need to book my cake?[+]
    The earlier the better!

    Spring through Fall is always busy with weddings, and it's not uncommon to find us booked solid for weeks at a time, months in advance.

    If you have your heart set on a cake from Sweetface Cakes, book it as early as possible no matter what time of year. Give us a call as soon as you know the date of your event.
  • How do I sample your cakes?[+]
    See the Design Process section of the website for more details but, in short, we schedule a consultation session where you sample three cake and filling flavors while we discuss and begin preliminary designs for your wedding cake. Consultations are held at Wedding 101 in The Gulch in Nashville.
  • How much do your cakes cost?[+]
    Because no two cakes are alike, cakes are priced on a per-project basis, starting at $1000.
  • Do you offer sheetcakes?[+]
    Sheetcakes are only available when augmenting larger wedding and event cakes.
  • What is the delivery fee for your cakes?[+]
    Deliveries within a 35-mile radius of the Nashville Metro area are $50. If the event location is beyond this, the charge is $50, plus a $3 per mile, one-way charge.

    To achieve the best possible finished product (and because roads are bumpy) cakes are typically delivered un-stacked and are assembled on-site.
  • Do you do birthday cakes, groom's cakes or other event cakes?
    Yes. There is a minimum charge of $1000.00 for any custom cake.
  • How do I reserve my wedding date with Sweetface Cakes?
    A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to save a date.
  • Do you do cupcakes?[+]
  • Do you do Centerpiece Cakes?[+]
    Yes. I also have a large collection of beautiful, modern and antique cake stands and servers available to rent.
  • What kind of frosting/icing do you use?[+]
    I ice cakes in home-made, pure vanilla buttercream, then add a layer of hand-rolled fondant. This is the best of both worlds, combining the texture and flavor of an all-butter buttercream cake with the silky, smooth and flawless finished look of fondant.

    Don't be put off by other bakeries' less-than-favorable reviews of fondant. Beyond it providing a marvelous canvas and a wider array of decorative and design possibilities, there are other benefits to using fondant.

    Fondant protects and seals in the freshness of a cake. You want it to taste as good on the inside as it looks on the outside!

    Fondant will maintain the decoration and cake's form better in warmer weather.

    I advise clients that it would not be wise to have an all-buttercream cake during certain months of the year. Butter is temperamental and when it meets heat, well… you know the rest of that story.

    So if you want your cake to taste fresh, look beautiful and transport safely to your venue, the buttercream and fondant combination is the way to go.

    However, if your preference is an all-buttercream cake, we are happy to meet your request.

    Note: Sheet cakes are frosted in buttercream alone and delivered directly to the kitchen at the event site.
  • Do you use frozen cakes?[+]
  • Do you rent cake stands, pedestals or plateaus?[+]
    Yes. We have a large and always expanding collection of modern and antique cake stands, cupcake towers and silver-plated cake pedestals that are available to rent.
  • Do you ship your cakes?[+]
    No. Unfortunately there's just too much that can wrong!
  • Can I order a Styrofoam or “fake cake”?[+]
    The best thing about our cakes is that people can hardly believe they're real. And we would really hate to disappoint them!

    If it's an actual event, you get an actual cake.
  • Do you make cakes for people with dietary restrictions?[+]
    Yes. Accommodations can be made for people with gluten and nut allergies, as well as vegan diets.
    Sugar-free cakes, however, are not a possibility.
  • Are you hiring?[+]
    Not at the moment, but feel free to email your resume and I'll keep it on file for the next time we are looking.